Question of the Issue

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Q: What is your favorite class this semester?



Todd Atkins | Sophomore, Biological Science Major

A: “Macroeconomics. It was easy.”

Gaby Avila | Junior, Nursing Major

A: “My favorite class that I am taking right now is Pathophysiology because I get to learn about all of the systems in the body, and I get to learn what parts can go wrong and how to treat them”

Melissa Acosta | Senior, Biology Major

A: “BIOS 207. It was a research processing class, and I really loved it because it shaped where my career is heading now. It confirmed that this is exactly what I want to do with my life.”

Dustin Webber | Freshman, Computer Science and Math Major

A: “Communications through diversity because I think communicating with everybody is very important.”

Shayna Frost | Sophomore, Computer Science Major and Psychology Major

A: “My programming class. It’s challenging, fun and applies to my major.”

Abbey Piehler | Freshman, Psychology Major

A: “Abnormal Psychology because it’s so interesting and Professor Gurtman  just keeps you involved and wanting to learn more.”

Lauren Bialas | Senior, Accounting Major, Marketing Major, Business Management Major

A: “Marketing Management. I really enjoy my professor, Professor Manion, he makes class interesting even if the material is kind of dry. We are always allowed to put our own twists on projects.”

Anthony Domanico | Junior, Marketing Major

A: “Group Communications with Mary Wade. We are learning how to communicate effectively in groups. We are working on creating a campaign on campus to benefit the whole student body. That’s our big project, and I think it’s going to be a really good experience.”

Kelly Michalski | Junior, Applied Health Sciences Major

A: “Behavioral Organizations because I’m learning how to deal with people, what best suits them and how I can work well with them.”

Josh Carlson | Senior, Environmental Studies Major

A: “I am really enjoying Environmental Economics because something about visualizing really complicated things in clear graphs and numbers is kind of comforting, even though it never plays out that cleany in the real world. It’s just nice to be able to chart it out and say ‘there it is.’”

Tressa Capodarco | Freshman, Psychology Major and Criminal Justice Major

A: “Theatre 112, which is Behind the Scenes. I like it because I did a lot of behind the scenes work in high school, so it’s kind of easy. It’s fun, you get to meet a lot of new people and it is very hands on.”

Amelia Ogle | Freshman, Nursing Major

A: “My English 101 class because she [Erika Leptich] teaches really good life skills such as resume building.”

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