Pre-Health Club gives great opportunities

pre-health-club-articleAUSTIN KRIEGER |

UW-Parkside’s Pre-Health Club (PHC) is an organization on campus that is dedicated to the development and growth for all kinds of pre-health students. PHC intends to reach out to students studying the health fields in hope of connecting them with healthcare professionals and other students interested in the healthcare field. In addition to developing professional pre-health students, PHC presents volunteer opportunities throughout the community, as well as social events helping students to network.

Creating Professionals

PHC is chiefly concerned with setting up pre-health students with the resources to gain knowledge about professional life in the medical field. Some of these resources include guest speakers from different professional backgrounds speaking on behalf of their job, to provide students an idea of what a job may be like on a day to day basis.

PHC is also involved around the community. They were recently able to help build small homes for displaced veterans around the local area.  

When and where?

PHC meets every Wednesday from 12:05-1:00 PM in Molinaro D139. Upcoming events and new opportunities available for students are presented during meetings as well as updates happening around campus. All members are encouraged to attend in order to begin making professional connections and gain experience of professional life in the medical field.

Commitment to students

This organization remains committed to developing students following any pre-health field by providing them with resources invaluable to future employers. These resources range from volunteer work to developing professional networks and experience. President Tom Koch passionately described PHC as an organization that likes to play as hard as they work. In his own words President Koch hopes “to help pre-health students learn things that can help them day to day and succeed in the classroom as well as in life.” Additionally PHC is a great place not only to develop oneself professionally, but also to make friends, get involved on campus and in the community, and most importantly, develop oneself as a desirable individual in the job market.

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