Frank’s Takes on John Wick: Chapter Two


I’d like to think of the first John Wink film as “The Resurgence of Keanu Reeves,” and justifiably so. How was the infamous hit man’s second outing? Let’s break it down Chapter 2.

Chapter Two will not disappoint

John Wick: Chapter Two is once again directed by Chad Stahelski (minus one David Leitch) and is the direct sequel to the title character back in 2014. John Wick just can not seem to stay retired as he is forced back into the fray and plans on dealing out some more major hurt when he goes toe to toe with some of the world’s most lethal murderers.

That is Chapter Two in a nutshell, and I want to keep the plot as vague as possible. The first John Wick was an incredible surprise that really came out of nowhere. That movie hit like a freight train in the best way. It is a great, entertaining, action packed popcorn flick so if you have not seen the first yet, get on that.

As far as Chapter Two goes, if you loved the first one, I would say you are going to have a blast with this installment. I am in that same boat as well because I had a ton of fun with Chapter Two.

Keanu Reeves was absolutely made for this role, I can not see another actor pulling off the John Wick persona as well as Keanu does. Much like in the first film, the character of John Wick is oozing “badassery” and charisma and of course, you buy the fact that Wick is still the best hitman in this film’s world. Even when Keanu has to deliver the cheesiest of action one-liners, he makes it work because you are sold on the character.

Just like the first Wick movie, the action in Chapter Two is something to recognized and admired. The action and stunt work are perfectly filmed here, and you can clearly tell what is happening on screen. You can see that Keanu is actually doing a great majority of these stunts and it is awesome. Incredibly choreographed gunfights and hand-to-hand combat at its very best.

Unreal yet immersive

What this sequel does the best though, is continuing build upon this established world. In some respects, a lot of what happens in these Wick movies is pretty impossible. However, the reason you buy into this world is because of the way it is explored through the screenplay. You are sucked into this absurd environment that is full of twists and turns, but they are all intertwined in fun and creative methods that you’re willing to suspend your disbelief.

There is one thing that did not work for me in Chapter Two and that is the motivation behind Wick coming out of retirement to kill. It is just not as emotionally hooking as the first film. However, I am willing to let it slide for the most part because the movie knows what it is: a fun, over-the-top, shove-popcorn-in-your-mouth, action movie.

Overall, I had a blast with Chapter Two. Like I said, if you loved the first film like myself, you are going to love this one. Besides the motivation issues, it is still a great, fun action sequel that made me interested in where they can go with this John Wick franchise.

I am going to give John Wick: Chapter Two a “B+” on the movie grading scale. If you love great choreographed action movies in general, you are going to dig this sequel for sure. It is like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. Sign me up for Chapter Three!


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