Free dietitian services to all of Parkside


“Soup is good food,” was a famous slogan by Campbell’s soup, but Kristie Carpenter, who is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist (RDN) and a Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist (CDN), would tell you that good nutrition is not as simple as that. She says, “Everybody is different and requires different nutritional plans.”


Mrs. Carpenter is a lifelong Kenosha resident who graduated from Bradford High School and attended UW-Parkside for only a semester before she realized that she wanted to pursue a degree in nutrition, which was not an available major at the time. She transferred to Mount Mary College in Milwaukee and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics in 1998. She was then immediately hired by All Saints Hospital in Racine, which is now known as Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare-All Saints Hospital.  She served as both an inpatient and outpatient dietitian who worked with patients who had cardiac issues, diabetes, or other health issues to help them treat their maladies through their diets.

Diet as a substitute for medicine

“I believe food is medicine for the body,” says Carpenter. “If you feel you need to improve your health in any way, you can use food to help with that. You can discover what foods work best for you.” She stresses that everybody is different, so one plan does not fit all.

In 2006, Mrs. Carpenter stepped away from the hospital in order to start and raise a family. By 2010, she had four children and was itching for a new opportunity to knock on her door. That opportunity arrived in the form of her becoming a part-time physical education teacher at the Racine Montessori School. Even though the teaching job had its own rewards, Mrs. Carpenter yearned to get back to the field she loved, nutrition.

Finding her dream job

Every night while putting her children to bed, she would check her phone, looking for a job as a dietitian. Like the final piece in a puzzle, she saw, applied for, and landed her current position at UW-Parkside, which she calls “a dream job.”

Mrs. Carpenter is available to the entire campus population, from students, to staff, to faculty. She offers a free consultation for anyone employed or enrolled at the University. Her services would run up to $80 an hour anywhere else. She started on August 28, 2016, and has already worked with thirty people. She sits down with them, asks them to keep a food diary, and also to take a snapshot of their daily exercise. She advises them on how to alter their habits for the better. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, an appointment is needed. You can reach her via email at She hopes to be a resource for the entire campus, so take your food related burdens and put them on her plate.

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