Four orgs build “Tiny Homes”

Amanda Hiemer (left) and Ambria Noll (right) putting installation in the roof of a “tiny home”.




On November 12th, 2016, four organizations from UW-Parkside came together to help build Tiny Homes for veterans alongside the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin. The Pre-Health Club, Habitat for Humanity, Criminal Justice Association, and the Omega Delta Phi fraternity all sent members of the community to Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin, where they added insulation to the frames of the miniature homes to keep our homeless veterans warm throughout the winter.

Opportunities to help the community

Tom Pieske, a coordinator at the construction site, emphasized how important the help from UW-Parkside students has been to the Tiny Homes Project stating, “Thanks for all of the support! If it wasn’t for all of your support, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today.” Any member of the community is welcome to help build tiny homes for veterans and they can participate alongside the organizations of UW-Parkside.

A volunteer at the construction site and President of Habitat for Humanity, Simmi Bharwani said, “We’ve been working on houses for low-income communities in the Racine community through the Racine Habitat for Humanity”. With the help of organizations from UW-Parkside, 15 veterans will have a safe place to sleep at night until they are financially able to live on their own.

The war against poverty

Site director Jeff Gustin had the idea of building a community of 15 tiny homes for homeless veterans in February of 2016 and hopes to have six homes complete by January of 2017. When asked why he decided to volunteer his time to plan and build the veterans living community, Gustin replied, “No one in the United States should be homeless, especially our veterans.” Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin works with other organizations aiming to help fight poverty in the United States such as Operation Tiny Home, which builds tiny homes for veterans across the nation.

Aiming to be an inspiration to others

According to Jeff Gustin, the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin is not currently planning to expand after building 15 tiny homes for veterans, but they hope to inspire other companies to help contribute to battling income inequality and poverty. If you would like to make a donation to help build homes for veterans throughout the United States, you can make a contribution at to the universal affordable housing fund that contributes to Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin, as well as the continuously expanding interstate company Operation Tiny Home.

If you would like to join the organizations of UW-Parkside in building tiny homes for veterans you can contact Simmi Bharwani at

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