Chicago Cubs lift World Series curse


One hundred eight years, one thousand two hundred ninety-six months, five thousand six hundred sixteen weeks, or thirty-nine thousand three hundred twelve days. No matter how you break it down, it has been a very long time since the Chicago Cubs have been crowned World Series champs. On November 3, 2016, the infamous “Billy Goat Curse” was lifted.

Worldwide celebration

People in Chicago and around the world cheered and wept in celebration when third baseman, Kris Bryant, threw the ball to first baseman, Anthony Rizzo, for the game-clinching final out. The team rushed onto the field in a display of unbridled joy while fans around the globe sang, “Go Cubs Go.”

Popularity in Kenosha

Cubs fans in Kenosha are numerous.  If you go back to 1997 and earlier, the Brewers of Milwaukee competed in the American league of Major League Baseball, while the Cubs toiled away in the National league. The Cubs games were broadcast daily on WGN, which was known as a “Superstation” in the pre-cable television world, so it was readily accessible to people everywhere.  

Historic victory

People associate the Cubs with family and friends, good times and bad times, almost like some sort of strange marriage founded on a deep love, a love not only with the team, but with the memories of watching the team with loved ones, both here and passed on. The combination of how long it took the Cubs to win a championship and how much they are intertwined in the community, made this victory truly historic.

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