Question of the Issue: Student opinions  

Q: What are your expectations regarding Trump’s presidency and his future goals?


Eunique Davis | Human Resource Management Major

A: “I don’t have very many expectations. I would expect maybe not as many of those outrageous ideas we’ve heard about. I’d expect those to not happen. I think it’s kind of up in the air, ‘cause everything we’ve heard was kind of dramatic and a little too extreme, so whatever is going to be accomplished is going to be right sided, definitely. But I’m thinking more middle-right than absolute right.”

Gadeer Ahmad | Communication and Criminal Justice Major

Gadeer Ahmad

A: “I strongly believe that absolutely nothing is going to be accomplished when it comes down to Trump building a wall, deporting all immigrants, and doing everything that he set for. I think that the people in America are going to become more racist than they already are. There’s going to be a lot more violence and a lot more police brutality, especially that he wants stop-and-frisk; he wants to bring it back. And he wants to make gay marriage illegal again.

The day after the election, after Trump was elected President of the United States, going out in public was probably the hardest, most awkward thing I’ve ever done in my whole entire life. So many other people had the same exact experience as I did. I spoke to Mexicans, I spoke to gays, I spoke to blacks, I spoke to other Muslims: they’ve had the same exact experience. They’ve never been more afraid for their lives.”

Florencio Garcia

Florencio Garcia | Criminal Justice and Sociology Major

A: “I just feel like he’s not an experienced politician, so he’s not going to know his way around the system. So I feel like, all issues set aside, is he really going to be able to accomplish anything? Whether it’s the controversial issues that are going around now, is he really going to be able to get his way around Congress and the Senate just for the fact that he doesn’t have any experience being a politician?

Barry Gibson | Communication Major

Barry Gibson

A: “Of all the stuff I remember as a young man…everybody [was] fighting for civil rights, regardless of color, but especially because of the color of black people in general, fighting for what they thought was just basic rights. And here we are today, 2016, and all that was for naught. It’s just disheartening, man. Earlier today, in one of my comm[unication] classes, two young ladies, one Caucasian, one a blended baby, just lost it. Emotion just ran wild… A friend of mine who’s Muslim just showed me on Facebook, which I deliberately stayed away from, a black guy in Racine came out to his car and it said ‘Go home negro’, if you get my meaning. This is ridiculous. This is not why I put the uniform on. It’s not why I sat in fox holes for two or three years. It’s not why we have men and women going overseas right now trying to give someone else freedom, but yet we’re not even free here in this country, regardless of color, but especially because of color. It’s ridiculous.”

Kyriin Richmond

Kyriin Richmond | Graphic Design Major

A: “Quite honestly, what I expect of this presidency is not a whole lot; really we’re just moving backwards with our whole country. This is just a thousand steps backwards, especially when we voted for someone who consistently quotes hate. There’s already violence all across the United States now. There’s a bunch of protests. This isn’t a step forward, this is a million steps back. We’re not improving the country with this election. There’s nothing fixed. This is a disaster.”

Tim Krueger | Communication Major

Tim Krueger

A: “My expectations with the new presidency is that obviously Donald Trump is going to do his best job in his wheelhouse, which is business. So hopefully, fiscally, it’s going to be a good four years. I’m not too sure about his foreign affairs. I guess we’ll see. There’s not much to say. It was a fair election. America voted, and it was very split-down-the-middle. I’m expecting a very divided America for the next couple years. I don’t see Trump getting a second term, but who knows? We’ll just hold on to how it goes. Hopefully he’ll keep true to his word and get us out of some of the debt. I haven’t taken much of a look at his plan for that, but from what I heard, I heard it’s decent. Less debt, that’s what I’m hoping.”

Josh Koepke

Josh Koepke | Applied Health Science Major

A: “At this point, there is nothing we can do to reverse the results. Hillary conceded and the election is over. Now it is up to us to unite together and trust in our newly elected officials. To all the unsatisfied individuals: protests won’t change the outcome, but voting does. Midterm elections are just as important as presidential elections.”

Melissa Miller | Music Major

A: “I’ve heard what our new president’s plans are and what he hopes to accomplish, and I hope we can continue to progress and not take ten steps backwards. But in this current situation, I’m uncertain that’s a possibility.”

Corey Hoskins | Communication Major

Corey Hoskins

A: “To be honest, I’m not setting too many expectations right now because expectations do create unnecessary emotions. So right now, I’m just looking at what’s gonna go on within the black communities starting off. But as I say, we’ll see how these four years go. Let’s just see if he can stand up to what he’s doing. I’m not trying to say anything positive nor negative. I’m neutral. Let’s just see what happens.”

Bianca Ruffolo

Bianca Ruffolo | Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Major

A: “Honestly, I think it’s going to be an overhaul of what the administration before did, and I am honestly not looking forward to it, at all.”

Monica Beaujon | English Major

A: “I always saw him as very unpredictable because in the debates, he would change his opinion in the middle of his sentence, and you don’t really know what he thinks about certain issues because he’s always changing his mind. I don’t know if it’s just an act and maybe he’ll figure things out when he’s elected, but I’m not really sure what to expect from him. I just think he’s a wildcard. He always says we need to ‘Make America Great Again’, but I don’t know what that means.”


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