UW-Parkside’s Theatre Arts Department presents: Macbeth

CHYNNA CHUNG | chung009@rangers.uwp.edu

Hannah Anderson, Kyle David Perry, Jarrod Langwinski, out of costume. 

“Something wicked this way comes…”

The UW-Parkside Theatre Department kicks off their 2016-2017 season with Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth. In this play, Macbeth and his friend Banquo encounter three witches who bestow prophecies about the future. Macbeth is told that he will become king, and the play follows his journey into darkness as he chases after the crown, despite any consequences.

Bringing Macbeth to life

Professor Lisa Kornetsky, the director, has been directing UW-Parkside productions for more than twenty years. Professor Kornetsky shared what will make the production stand out by saying that they will be “focusing on the world of the witches and the supernatural, [using] special effects, projections, and lighting, [and] creating push and pull between the natural world and the formal world. The play takes places all around the audience!”

The students in Macbeth dig deep to bring depth to their characters. Hannah Anderson, a junior, plays the role of Lady Macbeth. Anderson shares, “A lot of people think about manipulation when thinking of Lady Macbeth. We didn’t want her to be the dominate manipulative wife. We wanted them to be equal and have this great love that drives them to manipulate each other.”

A big challenge was how to convey Shakespeare’s text. Jarrod Langwinski, a senior, plays the role of Banquo and states his challenge is “really making sure that Shakespeare’s words are coming alive again so that it’s understood. Really working with the text.”

The themes in Macbeth are still relevant today. Kyle David Perry, a senior, who plays the role of King Duncan, shares that “the power struggles and conflicts really mirror what’s going on today.” Professor Kornetsky adds that the play “talks a lot about unchecked ambition and power, of choosing what one wants over whats right. A warning of what could happen.”

Performance dates and ticket prices

Macbeth runs October 21-29. All performances begin at 7:30 pm in the Black Box Theatre. General admission tickets are $18, senior & UW-Parkside staff tickets are $14, and student tickets are $10. Tickets can be purchased online or you can call the box office at 262.595.2564 to arrange for tickets.

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