Third party orgs emerge from background


Since the political revolution began in the media, as previously pushed by Senator Bernie Sanders, there has been increasing pressure against the two-party political system. Many americans are not happy with the two main party presidential candidates.This dissent has led many to struggle in aligning themselves with either the GOP or the Democrats and are now seeking other options in third-party candidates. Our campus is seeing the emergence of two new party organizations: The Green Party of Parkside and the Young Americans for Liberty.

Going green

The UW-Parkside’s Green Party basic platform focuses around social justice, ecological wisdom, peace and community. They posit that developing a community of diversity and understanding is imperative for creating a system of equality to eliminate discrimination and injustice. The Green Party sees humanity as a part of nature – not separate – and support an economy of ecologic sustainability. The party seeks to ensure that resources will be available for future generations. Community is central to the Green Party’s values. They seek to give local communities economic power while protecting civil rights of everyone, no matter the identity of the voter.

Freedom for all

The Libertarian Party holds that individuals should have total dominion over their own lives and accept the consequences. The Young Americans for Liberty is UW-Parkside’s branch of the Libertarian Party. Their platform revolves around expanding individual freedoms while simultaneously decreasing state power. They believe that individuals should have sole domain over their private property and assets. They contend that government should have no authority in citizen’s pockets, and call for an abolishment of income tax. They propose that the only role of government should be to protect the liberties of the individual.

Keeping options open

Circulating is a bottom-to-top ideology, suggesting that parties must first take root at the bottom, local level in order for the political revolution to have any effect at the top: the national level. This is exactly what is being seen in Kenosha and, specifically, at UW-Parkside. The third parties on campus wish to be seen as an alternative for students rather than the polarized bipartisanship that has divided American communities for decades. Both political organizations may be found via CampusConnect. Students can contact The Green Party of Parkside at

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