The BEAT: music organization


Introducing The Beat

The BEAT is a music organization at UW-Parkside open to all students who love music! They offer a range of exciting performance opportunities from annual shows to open mic nights. You don’t have to perform or be a music major to join this organization. All that’s required is that you simply enjoy music!

Meet the president

Joana Jackson, a current senior and music performance major, is the president of The BEAT. Jackson shares that “When I first came to Parkside The BEAT was a social life line for me. It was a way for me to connect to people in my major that I would be spending time with. It was also cool to meet non-majors and see how people can be cooperative no matter what kind of music they like.”

Their goal this year according to Jackson is “to get our voice out more and to get a bigger draw. We hold exciting events but it can be hard to get the information out there. We have been collaborating with other organizations and trying to establish a presence. We want everyone to join in on the fun!”

The BEAT has strong values when it comes to including everyone that wants to join. Jackson states, “We are non-discriminate. We are open to all genders, sexualities, religions, and races. We want to have more discussions about these differences and how we can still all be a cooperative community.”

The Halloween Show

One such event is The BEAT’S annual Halloween Show. The show is an original short musical written and performed by UW-Parkside students involved in The BEAT. Jackson states, “Every year we pick a theme and this year we are having the play take place in a school. It has a more young teenage movie feel to it along with a fun plot twist!”

The show will feature a few songs you’ll recognize with The BEAT’s unique twist! “We make it completely original and it’s a little spooky so that’s fun! It’s a comedy so it usually gets a few chuckles!” The performance date for the show is October 27th at 7:30pm in Bedford Hall and everyone is encouraged to attend!

How to join

The BEAT is eager for new members and welcomes anyone that has an interest in music. Jackson adds, “Extra emphasis on you don’t have to be a music major or want to perform. You can just enjoy music! We want you! We want you bad!” The BEAT meets every Wednesday in CART 101 at 12:15pm. The BEAT can also be contacted through their page on Campus Connect.

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