Green bikes are back


Green Bikes are back!

The green bike program returned this semester here on campus! Bike rentals are a great way to provide yourself with a fun and healthy way to get around campus or around town. The bikes currently being used were bought with a generous grant provided to Campus Activities & Engagement.

Free to all

The green bikes are available to all faculty, staff, and students free of charge.  It is a real convenience for students and staff to be able to use the bikes. These bikes are maintenanced by Officer Kurt Bergendahl of the UW-Parkside Police Department. Keeping the bikes maintained is an important job and keeps the bikes available to everyone on campus.

How long and where?

In addition to being free, the bikes are rented out for a week long, so you can have a reliable mode of transportation all week. To rent the bikes, go to the Office of Campus Activities & Engagement in the Student Center L104.  You can get your exercise and errands finished up before winter. The bikes are going to be stored away during the winter months and brought back during this coming spring semester. So get out there and ride!

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