Full-time student gym membership for free

ETHAN COSTELLO | coste012@rangers.uwp.edu

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Sports and Activities Center

As the semester progresses, school work piles up, finals seem to come sooner than anticipated, and personal life causes mental stress to build. Stress can be good in moderation, but if gone unchecked, it can be disastrous to a student’s physical and mental health. That is why it is important for students to eat well and exercise. Regular exercise distresses the mind, strengthens the body, improves focus, and makes one happier overall. The Sports and Activity Center (SAC) provides students with that opportunity for little to no cost.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center provides a comfortable, judgement-free zone for students who may be reacquainting themselves with exercising or even for those first-timers. There is an array of cardio equipment, including bicycle and row machines. Paramount strength training machines also fill the room, which can target each muscle group. Free weights include a range of dumbbells, as well as a couple squat racks and benches. Mats are provided for pre and post-workout stretching. The Wellness Center is located on the second floor on the south side of the building.

Strength and Conditioning Center

This is UW-Parkside’s newest fitness center which provides a very upbeat, bright atmosphere. The large windows stretch the length of the north wall providing lots of natural lighting. The cardio equipment overlooks the barbell racks from the second floor balcony.  There is an assortment of strength machines, an array of dumbbells, as well as a boxing bag on the main floor for those who would like to change up their cardio session. The Strength and Conditioning Center is located on the main floor on the north side of the SAC.

Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Center’s pool allows for a fun way to increase heart rate and get the lungs and blood pumping! The pool features 8 individual lanes 25 yards in length. The lanes range from 3’6” to 8’0”. The diving platform has a meter long diving board, and its well is 12’6” deep. The pool is always kept at around 85 degrees. The pool is currently closed for renovations and the reopening is yet unscheduled. During normal operating hours, the pool can be rented out. The Aquatic Center is located in the northwest corner of the SAC. For more info about the pool, you can call the Aquatic Office at 262-595-2381.

Frank Petretti Fieldhouse

The Field House is another great amenity of UW-Parkside’s gym facilities! A 200-meter running track circles the spacious gymnasium floor. The Fieldhouse fits three full-size basketball courts, which can be reformatted to fit a variety of other sports. This center offers the perfect space for practicing team sports with friends or testing personal limits and goals.

SAC available to all students and faculty

The Sports and Activities Center provides all the fitness centers for student use. Full-time students can apply for a membership free of charge. Part-timers, though not free, are offered a greatly discounted price of some $63 for the year. Pricing for faculty is a little higher at $196. The SAC memberships are also available to the community. Those who attend Gateway Technical College full-time can even apply for a membership, costs $124 for the year. The opportunity is here, so grab a friend and get physical!

Photo credit: UW-Parkside

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