Parkside Student Government elections in April

Opportunity for students voices to be heard


PSG mission statement

The Parkside Student Government is responsible for increasing student decision-making power and to represent the interests of students. Student Government President Hannah Kowalczyk says, “Student’s input is number one; PSG is here for the students and to be their voice.” To successfully bring in the voice of the student body, the PSG conducts surveys and addresses student issues in meetings and with their decision making.

So far this year they have been working closely with different departments around campus addressing issues the Senate finds important. This includes addressing the concealed carry legislation, having senate members sitting on several committees addressing policy changes, and screening for new staff on campus.

Elections coming soon

On April 5th, 6th, and 7th the Parkside Student Government will be holding elections. All positions will be open: President, VP, SUFAC Director, Speaker of the Senate, Parliamentarian, Secretary, Student-at-large positions, and 20 Senate Seats. The only “lifetime” position available is Parliamentarian, a position which a student can hold until they graduate or resign. All other positions are re-elected each year. The elections are held on Campus Connect.

For information on how to run for a position, students can look in the election packets. These will be available after the Senate discusses and votes on the issue.

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