Parkside holds annual blood drive


One of the several blood drives held on campus throughout the year was on Thursday, February 25. Many students spoken with are motivated by the prospect to do something good.

Blood drives are known to provide lifesaving blood transfusions for people in emergency situations, saving lives every day.

Along with being a life-saving blood donor you’ll also receive free treats and refreshments for completing a donation. One student interviewed, Eamonn, a junior, donates as often as he can based on his rare blood type B+.

The role of the volunteer is just as important as the role of donor at these blood drives. Without the volunteers there would be no way of obtaining blood to save people. One volunteer, Hal, was donating for 13 years until he was diagnosed with cancer.

Hal’s cancer eventually went dormant and he looked for a new way to get involved. Missing the people he used to see donating, Hal decided to volunteer to still be part of the program.

Drives here on campus are scheduled periodically throughout both semesters, the next drive is scheduled for Monday, April 25, between 9AM-2PM.

Being part of the blood drive seems like a popular way to get involved in the local community and make a difference. If you’re able, donating blood can save lives and could even make a difference to someone you know.

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