Student voices – 100 words (more or less)

Free speech vs. safe space is a controversy through out the UW system colleges. In my opinion there is no real solution of solving the problem with hate speech occurring all around the world, let alone on campuses. By creating these safe spaces for students to go in order to “get away” from hate speech and feel safe, it is creating division between race, ethnicity, sex, or whatever the hate speech is about. Is the main goal not to create a more diverse yet unified community? By creating these safe spaces for students, they are running away from their problems and showing the offender they win. – DANA DROZEK

I believe the UW System regents should not rescind their statement in support of free speech. By rescinding their statement, the UW System regents would be showing a sign of weakness. It would set an example that they are incapable of making decisions without second guessing themselves. Freedom of speech peaks good academic debates bringing on new ideas and thoughts to campus. It is one’s legal right to freedom of speech in the First Amendment stating, “United States citizens have freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition”. It is not the regent’s place to say what can be said and where it can be said. Who gets the power to dictate what is and is not hate speech? – MIKAYLA PROTT

If you haven’t heard, lately there has been a huge debate at The University of Wisconsin between the students on campus and the board of regents. The students protested that they wanted safe spaces on campus away from hate speech and racist comments. The board of regents chose to pass a resolution defending free speech on campus. Now I know that there are probably several different opinions on this topic, and most opinions are valid. In my opinion, the board of regents did the right thing by defending freedom of speech. People who attend universities should be mature enough and smart enough to not take things said on campus or in classes offensively. On the other end of that, students should also be mature enough to speak in a way that is socially acceptable and refrain from using slang or derogatory terms. Safe spaces should not be necessary on University Campuses. – MADDIE JOHNSTON


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