Straylight open mic event


The UW-Parkside’s English Departments literary journal, Straylight Literary Arts Magazine, is a publication intended for English majors who are interested in gaining experience in the publishing industry. Straylight is made up completely of student contributed works of a range of genres including fiction, poetry, and graphic artwork. These works come from many sources including international writers and artists.

Showcase of self-expression

Every semester Straylight hosts an Open Mic Night in the Den for students looking to showcase their passions and talents. This event is free to the public and contains a myriad of works such as music, poetry, and short stories among others. This semester the event is to take place on March 4th from 6-10 P.M.

Connection with the community

Says Straylight editor Dean Karpowicz of the event It’s an event that takes place every semester, and one that is important because it not only provides a creative outlet for our students, who come to read their poetry and prose or perform their music, but it also connects Parkside to the community. The open mic is open to all, and we always have performers, poets and fiction writers from Racine and Kenosha in attendance. There are usually around 70 people there.”

Student participation

Gina Bellovary, a student here at Parkside, is participating in the event. She says “It is a great event for emerging poets.” Other students interested in participating in this event can sign up by contacting Chase Primasing-Geiger at There is a Facebook page for the event with all of the information and a list of students who may be in attendance.


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