Ranger News coverage informative but scattered


Student Submission

While reading the “Free Speech vs. Safe Spaces” article in the February 11th, 2016 issue of The Ranger News I found it to be very informational.

I really liked that the article mentioned the five demands for the people involved in this issue. It gave readers a good idea as to what exact ideas the student’s in the system are looking for in our campuses.

As a student, I agree on the ideas and demands but I never knew this was a huge issue on our campuses. I feel that our campus, UW-Parkside, does a good job of keeping the college diverse and fair between ethnicities.

The article stated in the demands for the people to “create a task force to monitor the experiences of minority students in schools.”

I remember taking a survey either last semester or last year (2015) about how I felt on campus; referring to safety and my comfort level. I am almost positive that most of the student body had to take this survey. The survey was a good idea to get a general idea on what the campus needs to keep up and work on.

I did, however, found the article sort of jumping around on information about the topic, or didn’t have a good flow. I found myself looking back on the beginning of the article to remind myself about an idea.

For myself, a person who does know the background on the topic, to have to look back on information makes me wonder about a reader who didn’t know any background if they would fully grasp what was happening on UW campuses.

For example, the background of the issue was stated in the middle of the article, where I think it should have been at the beginning to inform people who are new to the topic or refresh a person who is familiar.

Some sentences were also randomly placed, at least I feel. I am no English minor, believe me, but I thought I would share my struggle with the writers as it may help in future papers.

All in all, I think this article was, again, very informing to me and also any other students who may read it. This topic should interest all of us students as it may affect us or our classmates. I will continually be interested in the topic so I do recommend keeping the Parkside students up to date on the topic as it progresses.

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