Police blotter – Feb. 5-17

Feb 5 – Warrant Pickup – Other Agency.  Ranger Hall. 9:54pm. CIB files indicate active warrant. Kenosha Joint Services confirmed warrant, male (Student) transported to Kenosha Jail.

Feb 6 – Traffic Violation. CTH E (12th St). 12:34am. Driver (Non-Affiliate) was ticketed for failure to stop for stop sign & given verbal warning for open intoxicate in vehicle.

Feb 7 – Battery/Sexual Assualt. Ranger Hall. 9:31am. Resident Advisor reports male (Non-Affiliate) has taken the vehicle of a resident. Officer takes report, male in-custody then transportd to Kenosha Jail for battery and sexual assualt. Rescue unit requested for female (Student) she was then transported to local hospital.

Feb 8 – Suspicious Circumstances. Ranger Lot. 1:11am. Resident Advisor reports possible group smocking marijuana in vehicle. Officer located vehicle where smell was coming from. Officer request KSD back up unit. No drugs found, both units then cleared.

Feb 11 – Theft/Retail/Shoplifting. Wyllie Hall. 12:57pm. Under investigation, officer takes report regarding female (Student) taking candy without paying.

– Weapon Violation. Concealed Weapon. Student Center. 9:56pm. Officers confiscated a weapon from male (Non-Affiliate) at dance event.

– Suspicious Circumstances. Ranger Hall. 10:40pm. Resident Advisor reports two male (Student) about to fight one another. Officer took report.

– Suspicious Circumstances. Ranger Hall. 11:22. Resident Advisor request officers for smell of marijuana. Officer checked area, unable to locate where smell was coming from.

Feb 12 – Liquor Violation. Student Center PArking Lot. 12:36am. While on patrol officer observed five subjects placing alcohol in a vehicle. Officer one citation for UAL-Possess/Consume.

– Disorderly Conduct. Student Center. 12:49. Dance Event. Officer take male (Student) in custody for disorderly conduct & obstructing/resisting an officer. Male was then transported to Kenosha Jail.

Feb 13 – Traffic Accident – Property Damage. Student Center Lot. 2:14am. Complainant (Student/Staff) reports vehicle accident. Officer takes report.

– Liquor Violation. University Apartments. 12:32am. Resident advisor request officer for underage drinking party. Officers issues “8” UAL-Possess/Consume citations.

– Possession of Marijuana/Drug Paraph. University Apartments. 11:05am. Hall director request officers for a revovered marijuana pipe left behind by previous resident. Officer takes report.

Feb 15 – Suspicious Circumstances. CTH E (12th St). 8:16pm. Complainant (Student) reports suspicious type person walking along roadway. Officer checked surrounding areas no locate of anyone. KSD was requested to check area also.

Feb 16 – Suspicious Circumstances. Ranger Hall. 6:49pm. Complainant (Student) reports smell of marijuana. Officer checked area, unable to locate where it was coming from.

– Suspicious Circumstances. Ranger Hall. 8:17pm. Complainant (Student) reports hearing unknown male screaming. Officer checked area, unable to locate anyone.

Feb 17 – Medical Assistance. SAC. 4:33pm. Report that male (Staff) passed out twice. Officers and rescue units arrive, male refuse transport to local hospital.


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