Editor’s desk – Feb. 21



If you picked up the first edition, thank you; if this is the first time you have picked up a copy, we thank you as well. You are all apart of the rebuilding process of The Ranger News. Your input is extremely valuable to us as an organization. Our sole purpose is to bring you the news most relevant to you as students and members of the Parkside community.

One of the topics that we as an organization will not stray away from is social justice. As you can see, our last two editions have had something to do with social justice issues on the front cover. This is not by circumstance or coincidence. I believe that as an editor, rather than not speaking on topics such as race, gender inequality, gay rights, or discrimination is just as bad as hate speech. If change is to come, not only across the UW system, but as citizens of this country, then topics such as racism, systematic oppression, and corporate greed will continue to be hurdles that citizens shouldn’t need to jump over. We are doing our part here by bringing these topics to light for you as students and members of the community are aware of them.

If you have any comments, concerns, or story ideas for us to run, you can reach us at rangernews@uwp.edu. Or me personally at my email, which is listed along with my staff.  

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