Intramural Sports


For any student interested in playing sports for leisure, there are plenty of great opportunities here at Parkside. The large slate of sports available includes Coed volleyball, disc golf, intramural tennis, badminton, Futsal (5v5 soccer), intramural basketball, and intramural 3-on-3 basketball.

There are also several one-day events including a 3-v-3 basketball tournament on Monday, February 15th at 6 pm in Petretti, a roller-skating night Wednesday, February 24th from 7:30 to 10 pm in Petretti Fieldhouse, and bubble soccer Thursday, March 10th from 7:30 to 9:30 pm in Petretti Fieldhouse. These present some great opportunities for students to get involved and have a great time.

To sign up for any of the intramural sports students can register online at or at the intramural office, SAC L163. There is a $25 fee which will be refunded at the end of play if the team avoids forfeiting any contest. This program also offers an opportunity for students to get paid while getting involved on campus and meeting new people.

Bill Boppre says the benefits of being an official for the intramurals are getting real life experience not only is time management and responsibility but also conflict resolution and problem solving that a student might not get in most other jobs.

In an interview with Parkside’s intramural coordinator Bill Boppre, says that the goals of intramural sports for the university are attraction and retention. He says that it is a tool used by many institutions to not only gain the interest of prospective students but also keep current students involved and enjoying their college experience.

The turnout for these events varies from sport but Mr. Boppre said that the three biggest attractions are basketball with over 100 participants, soccer with over 50 participants, and volleyball also usually turning out over 50 participants.

Mr. Boppre stresses the impressive diversity of the program listing soccer as the event which draws attention from students of all backgrounds. “The international language of sports is soccer” says Boppre. He also credits the one-time events as being big crowd pleasers.

He highlighted the roller-skating night as a very popular event stating that last year the event drew 150 skaters and another 50 spectators. Mr. Boppre also lists basketball as one of the most fun events to watch as the level of skill is very high and the players really respect and care about the sport.

Students who enjoy sports and are looking for a way to get involved on campus should definitely check out this great program.

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