GREEK OUT! – Zeta Sigma Chi


David Byrd interviewed student and ex President of Zeta Sigma Chi Arley-Diana Juarez about Greek life on campus.

DB: Why is Greek unity important?

DJ: Greek unity is important because it shows the whole student body how different groups can work together to support each other and have pride in their school. It’s important because we all have worthy causes that we are supporting and as Greeks we should be concerned with our community as a whole and supporting the work other Greek organizations are doing to aid our fellow students and the community at large. 
DB: What does community service mean to your org?

DJ: For our organization the importance of community service in our principles acts as a constant reminder to think of others and to try to live your life with understanding and acceptance towards others. As a multicultural sorority we strive to understand and respect everyone and by doing community service we keep that principle in focus. It should show other UWP students that anyone can make a difference in the world, no act of service is too small or goes unappreciated. ZetaSigmaWEBDB: What is the benefit of Greek life on campus?

DJ: There are many benefits of Greek life at UWP; you have the constant support of a great community in every aspect of your life from education to careers and personal aspects too. It means having a huge network of people across the United States who are focused on the same goals as you and strive for a strong sisterhood where everyone has a place and belongs. Being Greek at Parkside gives you more pride in your University and it fully enriches your college experience. You get to meet so many wonderful people, learn new things, grow as a person and it sets you up for better success in college and as an alumni.

Juarez followed up by saying; 

Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc. is proud of its strength and desire to provide an open-minded organization. We believe in maintaining a TRUE sisterhood that is accepting of one another no matter what their differences. We are genuine in our attempts to spread multiculturalism and sisterhood to others in and out of our community. And we are always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to those who need us on or off campus. As our world grows ever more diverse, so will Zeta Sigma Chi. It is in our hopes that other women will also seek the dream that; the dream that Z-Chi’s have and continue to uphold. Together, we will continue to learn about each other and our diverse heritages, now and always. We invite ALL women to seek membership with our organization as we shall seek ALL women to maintain the dream of our founders.

Diana A. Juarez
UW-Parkside: Mu Chapter
Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

Current President: Mai Yer Yang

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