Clarification: Free speech vs. Safe spaces


In the Feb. 11 edition of the paper, we ran the story, Free Speech vs. Safe Spaces. A few readers were confused as to what we meant by free speech vs. safe spaces, with the common occurrence being exactly what the Board of Regents did or did not pass. The Regents have recently passed a resolution that protects all free speech on all UW campuses. They did not speak on safe spaces on any campus for those free speech events to happen or what constitutes as hate speech since they say it is hard. The United Council of UW Students initially brought up the argument that the protection of all free speech under this resolution can and eventually will lead to hate speech.

According to the student organization and advisor handbook, UW-Parkside does have places where individuals or organizations can hold unplanned free speech events, Those areas are in the main complex: Student Center L1 Commuter Lounge across from the Student Involvement Center and outside the main complex: southwest cement seating wall on the Student Center Plaza between the Student Center and Molinaro Hall.

According to the 2015-16 student on pages 50-51, the University policies on picketing, rallies, parades, demonstrations, and other assembles says that those events are allowed as long as you do in the designated areas, and you do not gather a huge enough crowd that it would make leaving and entering buildings hard for students, intentionally create an unreasonable amount of noise, and intentionally cause violence.

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