UW-Parkside’s Green Bike Program



At Parkside, students and staff have the opportunity to participate in the Green Bike Program offered on campus. For no charge, all students, staff, and faculty are allowed to rent a bike for up to a week.

After receiving a grant from the Kenosha/Racine bike club many years ago, Parkside began the program. Last year, using the last of the grant money, six new bikes were purchased to replace the old ones. Although these bikes are brand new, eventually they will need replacing.

Casey Jones, the Volunteer Program Manager, says they would like to keep the program going somehow. This could mean getting another grant or possibly getting students to donate bikes. The best way to keep the program going is to take good care of the ones Parkside currently has.

Anyone interested in using the program should head to the campus Activities and Engagement Center to check one out. Participants will receive a lock and key to keep the bike safe, fill out a quick form, and be on their way.

Please keep in mind safety equipment such as helmets or bike lights are not included.


Three are placed in front of Molinaro Hall and three in front of the Student Center. As of now, the bikes are put away for the winter months. Weather permitting, they will be out again by April.


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