Organizations look to make impact during Involvement Fair.



UW Parkside will be holding their annual Involvement Fair on February 10th from 10-1:30pm.

People entering their freshmen year of college are expected to depend on clubs and organizations to network with other students and faculty.

The involvement fair is a great way for students to get comfortable with asking about clubs and finding out what they are interested in. They are able to walk around and get a feel for the people in each organization, and they are able to figure out where they would fit.

Walking into an organization meeting for the first time without any prior knowledge can be extremely intimidating. Not knowing the expectations can turn many students away from the entire idea of getting involved.

Each organization will be set up from the ballroom to the bridge and will get their shot at recruiting new members.

Stephanie Sirovatka-Marshall said that there are normally over 40 student organizations involved as well as 30 community agencies that regularly participate. The fair has had upwards of 90 participants in the past.

All of the clubs will be coming up with various ways of getting people to listen and take interest in them. Marshall said that there have been some fun tables in the past.

She states that students have dressed up as super heroes and “live” board games. She adds that one group had dancing bananas to get people’s attention, and another had a Hershey’s “Kisses” booth as a fundraiser to a community organization filled with stuffed animals to “kiss.”

There are many different ways of getting involved and they will all be represented in some way on Wednesday.


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