Showcase: Bring on the projects!


The UW-Parkside student showcase is on the horizon and will bring all the schools of thought together for one large expose.

Students can show all of their own research and creative works, as well as collaborative works with faculty, at the showcase.

The UW-Parkside Student Showcase (re-invigorating our campus event) will be held Wednesday April 20, 2016 in the Student Center”, said Professor David Higgs.

Higgs’ email stated that undergraduate and graduate students involved in “student-faculty collaborative research, scholarship, or creative activity (performances, exhibits, etc…)” could participate.

Students whose work is accepted for the showcase will have a specific format to follow, but all will have a chance to present their work in any of a number of media.

“Students will be able to select between a short talk (12 – 15 minutes), poster, gallery exhibit, or performance for their presentation,” said Higgs.

Further particulars are not yet available.

Details about the registration and abstract submission process and deadlines for the UW-Parkside Student Showcase will be emailed campus-wide early to mid February.

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