Greek out! Omega Delta Phi


David Byrd interviewed UW-Parkside alumni and Omega Delta Phi, Abraham Santiago, about Greek life.

DB: Why is greek unity important?

AS: For the Brotherhood of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc unity is one of our founding principles. In order to fulfill our pledge to serving our community we need to ensure that we not only work with our selves but many other organizations.

Greek unity is important so that we can always help and support each other. While we support each other we grow together. In order to be an effective retention tool to the university we need to have united front and help each other be successful graduate each other, support each other and embrace our differences.

DB: What is community service mean to our org? And to UWP Campus?

AS: Community service to my fraternity is finding ways to help all communities by taking on tasks to assist, finding ways to help make changes, advocate for others and help a community remain in tact for the future.

DB: What is community service or work in the community mean to your organization?

AS: The brotherhood of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc is always involved in Community Service.

These are some of the events we put together or collaborate in: Omega Delta Phi Thanksgiving for Kenosha, Make a difference day, Mexican Fiesta, Hunger Clean-Up, Anti-Bullying Showcase, Relay for Life, Aids Walk, and ensuring that we communicate with Campus Activites and engagement when service opportunities arise and needs to be completed.

My organization always finds a way to jump on board or collaborate with other organizations to ensure we work together in the community.Omega Delta Phi logo (Featured logo)


DB: What’s something that your organization is working on to exemplify themselves on the Parkside campus?

AS: The Brotherhood of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc is working more in-depth with the Kenosha and Racine community to not only help build up there cities. We also want to be a mentor, a guide or an ambassadors to future students of the University of Wisconsin Parkside.

We pride ourselves in our rate of graduation and our academic standing. We continue to push forward and look for academic excellence every semester. A leader leads not only in the community but in his education and career.

DB: What is the benefit of Greek life on campus?

AS: Greek life has a great benefit for students. It provides opportunity of leadership and networking for their next stage after college.

Greek life is a retention tool created to push students and hold each other accountable for academic excellence.

Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. prides itself in graduating our brothers and always pushing for academic excellence. We all came to college for an education and Greek life pushes you to excel as a student and push you harder than other co-curricular actives/groups.

Santiago sent a follow-up message that read as follows:

Our fraternity has grown to represent all types of races; that is the evolutionary vision of our Founders. With this evolution, we welcome the growing opportunities to expand across the United States and beyond. Our Brotherhood has the strongest of desires to positively affect as many lives as possible. With this goal, we intend to both benefit our fraternal members and the many individuals we have crossed paths with through Service. One Culture, Any Race; this paradigm accurately describes Omega Delta Phi’s philosophy of inclusion.

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