Back to School: Tips for a successful semester


It has been a nice break from school. No papers, exams, and the opportunity to sleep in every morning. Now it is time to strap on the backpacks, grab those school supplies, and prepare for the spring semester.

Getting ready to head back into the classroom means something a little different for each student. For some students, it’s easier said than done.

Thankfully, there are people out there who have gone through this before and have tips on how to make this a great semester.

Senior offers wisdom of experience

Breanna Gross, a senior here at Parkside, warns not to slack off the first few weeks of classes.

She likes to read ahead in the beginning of the semester before things get too hectic, “I like to schedule study times right away the first couple of weeks.” She adds, “definitely preplan time to study and relax.”

She does this by using a planner to schedule specific study times as well as help her adjust to her new school and work schedule.

Mindset change

Renee Kirby, the director of the Student Health Center, says that getting back into “study mode”, or the school frame of mind, is usually the biggest struggle for students. She suggests using some sort of planner to not only block out class times, but write out important assignments, projects, and exams.

She also encourages students to map out the recommended 2-3 hours of study time per class. This is especially important when midterms and final exams are approaching.

Healthy body, healthy mind

It is also important to stay healthy this semester. One way to make sure your body is prepared to return to school making sure you are getting enough sleep and eating healthy.

Kirby encourages students to get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night. She says to take care of yourself; when you get run down physically, it makes it difficult to do well in school.

If you feel yourself struggling in any way this semester, there are many people on campus who can help you get through it. Places like the Student Health Center can be very helpful in times of need, providing you not only with counseling from licensed professionals, but nurse practitioners to help when you are feeling sick.

Take advantage of resources

Other resources include the Academic and Career center, your advisor, and the tutoring center.

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