We Are International Rangers

International Picnic Story2 (1)Kimani Nyambura


The Parkside International Club held a picnic for the international students from Parkside and Carthage College on Saturday at the Petrifying Springs Park to celebrate the diversity of the two schools. The Parkside International Club, with the help of the International Community, a variety of families that take in foreign exchange students and help them adapt to the culture while they are staying at Parkside and Carthage made this a memorable event to everyone.

The event that interweaves the most diverse social interaction, ranging from learning new languages, how to pronounce names from other languages, and dances were honored by the presence of the University of Wisconsin staff dignitaries, Tammy L. McGuckin, who is the Dean of Students, and Steve Wallner, who is the Associate Dean of Students, among other Parkside and Carthage Staff. Steve was having fun handing out cutleries to everyone when it was time for lunch.

Colors of the different flags from many countries were shining bright as you approached the well decorated picnic area in Petrifying Springs.There were students from China, Japan, North Korea, Haiti, Poland, Germany, and Columbia. Different languages were in the air for the first few minutes as groups of student from the same country got together and spoke their languages before sports like soccer and volleyball brought everyone together.

Happiness lit everyone’s’ face.

“It was a great experience. Having the possibility of getting to know people around the world was awesome. It was a great diversity day,” said Nicholas from Columbia; a freshman and an undergraduate student at Parkside.

We continue looking forward to more diversity to be added onto our Ranger community and our neighboring Carthage College.

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