Get Fit and Healthy with The Ranger Wellness Challenge

Looking for new, cost efficient ways to stay fit and healthy this semester? The UW-Parkside Campus Activities and Engagement Center has got you covered.

The Ranger Wellness Challenge is hosting dozens of heath related events all month long and the best part is they are free! The Challenge is comprised of various fitness activities while also providing students and faculty with informative health tips.

The UW-Parkside’s Campus Connect website describes The Ranger Wellness Challenge as “a wellness competition for UW-Parkside students, faculty and staff who want to achieve a healthier, balanced lifestyle. It is not a diet program or an extreme fitness routine, but a fun, informative way to learn how to improve overall health and wellness. Teams or individuals compete by earning points for weekly activities such as exercising, eating well and maintaining a balanced life.”

Dance your heart out at one of their scheduled Zumba sessions or ask a friend to accompany you to a health demonstration right here on campus. Now is the perfect time to get involved and partake in a challenge or two since the last day of activities is scheduled for March 13. Upcoming events can be found on their Facebook page or by searching The Ranger Wellness Challenge on the Campus Connect website. Go get involved and make a healthier, happier you!

Article by Chelsie Aloisi

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