Women’s Soccer wins GLVC regular season championship in tie with Lewis

On Oct. 29 the Parkside Women’s Soccer team tied in a defensively dominant match against eighth ranked Lewis University (5-5-5 in GLVC) and in the process, claimed the GLVC regular season title. This season has no doubt been one of the best in UW-Parkside Athletics history, and the women are still on the hunt for a tournament championship, one that has eluded them for four years.

The women dominated Lewis for the majority of the game, keeping the ball on their side for most of the match. They attacked early and often, finishing the game with six shots on goal to Lewis’ one; also adding on 11 corner kicks to Lewis’ three. They had many runs that looked promising, failing to pull the trigger on many. The strength of the team, their defense, was on full effect throughout the game, as Lewis rarely attacked or even had the opportunity to.

The second half started with Lewis being a little more aggressive, but not really threatening too much. Parkside was obviously the better team going into overtime, and the fans seemed confident that it was only a matter of time before the girls sent a ball flying into the back of the net.

Overtime was more of the same, with Parkside dominating, but not being able to score a goal. It finally seemed as though the girls would break through with time running out in the first overtime; the girls scored what seemed to be the winning goal, but the referee called it back, claiming the horn had already sounded. The game was called due to darkness when the second overtime started, but a tie was all the girls needed to claim the regular season crown.

With the team winning the regular season championship, all games Parkside plays in will be hosted on home soil at Road Field. The rematch between Lewis and (The GLVC Regular Season Champion) UW-Parkside will be Nov. 2 at noon.

The women finish the regular season 14-0-3, 12-0-3 in the GLVC. The 2014 GLVC Women’s Tournament Bracket is posted below.


Article by Jalen Perry


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