New music: The Gallery

Been in a music slump lately? Is the radio seemingly refusing to play your song and you’ve played your favorite cd so many times that you’re half-tempted to throw it out the car window? Or maybe you’re just looking for a new band to check out. In either case, I have a solution. A band that has been growing in popularity among college students, The Gallery, has released a new album titled Restless. Their new album was released Feb. 26 and is expected to be another hit for the band.

The Gallery hails from Los Angeles, California, but is a bit different from what you might expect for a college band out of California. Their sound is unique in that is a fun mix of styles, including an anthem and even a country-love style song on the new album. For a preview of the album, you can check out a few songs on YouTube and hear for yourself the enjoyable mix of style they are able to incorporate in their music. If you find that The Gallery is the new sound you’ve been needing to hear, and need to replace the cd you may have recently tossed out your car window, then you can purchase their new album for 30% off with the discount code “college” at Also, keep an eye out for an interview with the band.

Article by Jimmy Gibbs

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