Mania at McAuliffe’s

This past Friday night I stepped out to McAuliffe’s Pub off of Taylor Ave. in Racine to check out the Beatles tribute band, The Mania. McAuliffe’s Pub has a long history of showcasing great local bands, as well as pulling in talent from Milwaukee and Chicago. They feature a wide range of import beers on tap and in bottles, and host Trivia every Sunday in between episodes of The Walking Dead. The band is made up of six members that have all known each other since childhood. Alex Ramos plays bass, as well as sings backup vocals; Patrick Hennessey and Bryce Lehman are both on guitar and backup vocals; and Becky Leonard plays the keyboard, piano, and sings. Roger Fuerstenau is on lead vocals.

The Mania took the stage with the guys dressed in black dress pants, white button down shirts, and black ties. Becky looked stunning in a nice black dress. The Mania covered the span of the Beatles music starting from their earlier music with songs like “I Saw Her Standing There,” followed by popular songs from their later albums including “Helter Skelter” and “Come Together.” The atmosphere was lively as the crowd sang and danced to “Twist and Shout.” You can catch The Mania this coming Saturday at Georges on Main Street in Racine as they are headlining the annual Thoughts for Food Benefit, and in Waukesha on March 16. McAuliffe’s is featuring a free show this coming Saturday with the Sandcarvers playing; nonperishable food items are encouraged as a donation to the County Food Bank. On March 9, the Shoes will be playing a reunion show, and be sure to check out Saint Patrick’s day at McAuliffe’s. This year, JJ has three bands playing on Saturday the 16th- Medicinal Whiskey, Saturday Night Preachers, and Tallymoore. Sure to be a great time, see you there!

Article by Sarah Savage

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