Valentine’s Day Madlib!!

Use this convenient madlib format to tell your special someone how you really feel! And don’t forget to leave your completed poems in our comments section!!

A Valentine’s Day Poem For _________.



Dearest _________,


Your ___________ looks like an ocean of beautiful things.

             (body part)

When I’m in your __________ class, my ________ heart sings.

                              (school subject)            (adjective)

I want to take you to ________ on our first date.


Please ________ to me because I cannot wait!


We’ll ________ all night and have ________ under the stars.

             (verb)                                          (food)

I’ll sing you some _________ on my guitar.


You’ll look so beautiful in your _______ all night.


To call you anything but ________ just wouldn’t feel right.


I’ll bring you a floral  _________    ________ bouquet.

                                        (color)            (flower)

Thank you for being _________ on Valentine’s Day!


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