The Walking Dead game review

The critically acclaimed and award-winning The Walking Dead is a game that’s outcome fully depends on what dialogue options and heart wrenching choices your character makes along the way. It follows the story of an ex-convict named Lee who is on his way to prison when the outbreak happens. When his car crashes, he finds himself a survivor in a place where the dead have risen and are hungry for living flesh. He meets a young girl early on named Clementine and takes on the task of trying to help keep her alive and to help her find her parents. They meet friends and foes along the way, some stay loyal and some move on, but Lee and Clem always are looking out for each other.

The game is conventionally different from most other games that come out nowadays. Most of the time there is a complicated combat system that involves lots of button mashing, and that combat is lined with a story to complement it. The Walking Dead takes a different approach, which takes an immersive storyline, adds in quick time events, dialogue choices, and small spurts of actual shooting mechanics. Essentially the game is a point-and-click, choose your own adventure game where the choices you make along the way create the story and ending specific to the way you have chosen to play. This gameplay helps to get casual gamers or first-time gamers immersed into gaming while still providing hardcore gamers with an amazing experience. It could easily be the gateway drug to gaming.

The art style and graphics are much more sketched and simple compared to something like Halo or Call of Duty’s realism. It really complements a game that’s world and core is based off of a comic book series.

The writing and voice acting is what really stands above all other games that have come out this year. The choices and situations that Tell Tale Games forces you into really make you think about the well being of your group. Do you kill the guy that has helped you and Clem or the girl that can hold her own with a gun? Do you help someone that is psychologically breaking down, or do you off him or her for the good of the group? All of the choices are hard because of how greatly the characters are fleshed out and how much you get to know about them along the way. I, personally, have never gone through a whirlwind of emotions quite like this with a video game. Each choice has a consequence and you need to make sure you are ready to live with that consequence before the choice is made.

For being a game essentially on rails, it’s the most unpredictable to date. It’s full of plot twists, suspense, and moments you will never see coming. It’s the surprise of the year in the gaming world and is quite possibly my favorite game of the 2012. At $25, there is no way any gamer shouldn’t own this. Being a fan of both the comic book and the show, I cannot wait to see what’s next in the world of The Walking Dead.

Article by Tyler Comstock

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