UW-Parkside Student Senate impeaches president

Last week Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012, Parkside Student Senate voted unanimously to impeach President Jordan Theiler. This was after a protracted debate among political circles when it was discovered that now former President Theiler was attempting to create a “Chief of Staff” position in student government. Senator Dustin Beth was believed to be the sole candidate for this position. This, according to the Parkside Student Government constitution and by-laws, is illegal, as the position does not exist.

When approached for comment, Senator Beth gave the following statement, “I felt the impeachment was rushed. I was disappointed in the process, and the reasons that were outlined in the resolution. I felt they were personal and not factually based. I did not support it, and I believe the President did not get the opportunity to speak his mind,” citing that the president did not.

Senator Kyle Flood, when asked about the situation had this to say: “As for the impeachment, I do not believe it was rushed. It wasn’t being discussed openly, but privately among senators, particularly Sen. Beth earlier this semester. Ex-President Jordan Theiler appointed [Sen.Beth] as his Chief of Staff. In our constitution, in our by-laws, it doesn’t exist. It was never voted on; he was just kind of there. I would say Senator Beth is a little biased towards the ex-president. Something Senator Byron Dowse, I believe it was him, made a motion to closure Sen. Beth, to take away his speaking rights. Sen. Beth, I think, was attempting to filibuster. This isn’t a partisan senate, we’re students, and some senators think it is; they’re carried away. The impeachment passed unanimously. The president was impeached due to clear violation of [our] constitution, and by-laws, and clear corruption. For failure to communicate intentions to the senate, it was 100% legal and 100% the right thing to do.”

This vote came after what many senators might agree was an exhausting session this semester. Senator Beth had this to say about the Senate’s performance: “I’m disappointed with the progress I’ve seen. This senate, it has so much potential. We pretty much just sat and bickered, instead of focusing on the student body, like we’re supposed to.”

Currently, the acting president is Bradley J. Schmitz, who, along with former President Jordan Theiler, could not be reached for comment at the writing of this article.

Article by James T. Burns

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