Shouldn’t all UW students get a discount to Badger games?

Since I have come to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside this fall, I have found out a few things about Wisconsinites and their sports. Wisconsinites love the Packers, the Brew Crew has a pretty strong following, and no one likes the Bucks unless you are from Milwaukee. The other big thing that I have noticed is that everyone on campus has an abundance of Badger sports gear and are proud to show off the red and white. After talking to a lot of different students here on campus, I have found out that there is a bigger following for the Badgers at each individual University of Wisconsin campus, than there is of their own University of Wisconsin sports team.

When I started to ask around where to get tickets for a Badgers football game, everyone told me to go to The cheapest tickets I could find on were sixty-five dollars. I was kind of blown away that there was nothing cheaper. I was still optimistic that I could go to a game and experience the third quarter jump around. That was until I started to do the math for what it would cost, besides the ticket, to go the game. Gas would cost forty dollars, and food and drinks I bring from home would be another twenty dollars. I am a broke college kid that could scrounge up the sixty-five dollars, but I do not have an extra one hundred and twenty dollars laying around. I started to ask students around campus who were wearing Badgers gear when the last time was that they went to a Badgers football game.

Junior Brad Schmitz from Fond du lac, Wisconsin said, “I have not been to a Badgers football game in at least five years because I do not have the extra cash to go to the game.”

I asked Kevin Lewis, a sophomore transfer student from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, said, “I only go to the game when my parents go. I don’t have money to spend on a football game right now.”

Student Nichole Bletsch stated, “I love the Badgers! I always watch the games at home with my boyfriend or dad. I just don’t have money to go to a game. I really want to go because I have never been to one.”

It would ease the total cost of the trip to the game if Madison would give a fifteen to thirty percent discount to all University of Wisconsin students. If Madison is worried about not having enough tickets for Madison students, they could only allow a certain number of tickets, maybe twenty to thirty, to the two-year University of Wisconsin campuses. Then give fifty to one-hundred tickets to the four-year University of Wisconsin campuses. If there are leftover tickets at one school, they can be used at another University of Wisconsin campus. They would also be able to create a new student section for all the transfer students. This would make the games even rowdier then they already are. I just hope that they adopt this policy sometime while I am at UW-Parkside so I can attend a Badgers game.

Article by Ryan Padlo

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