Parkside unveils new weight room

A myriad of opinions canvassed The University of Wisconsin-Parkside last year after the administration revealed their plans to completely destroy the old weight room, renovating it into a new, larger space to better serve the campus community in their workout goals.  Some were discouraged, saying that the budget just didn’t add up, that it was a waste of money.  The questioned ‘why fix something that isn’t broken?’  Others were more enthusiastic, citing the little space allotted in the weight room of old and the lack of quantity when it came to the machines.  No matter what side you were on, one thing is certain: the new weight room, incorporated into the Sports and Activity Center just south of campus, is incredible.

I first entered the new weight room on the fifth of this month, a Monday.  I was awe-struck.  My jaw literally dropped upon looking up and seeing a second floor.  A second floor.  That’s right, the new weight room, open to the public for the first time on Nov. 5, 2012, has two floors.  Other noticeable improvements are numerous.  The machines are of a much higher quality, as are the weights themselves.  Though quality is not the first thing I noticed, besides the sweeping ceilings and multi-floored room.  The thing that really strikes you is quantity – there are now eight bench press machines, as opposed to two in both the old weight room and the Wellness Center in the upstairs of the SAC.  The one resistance machine (double pulley system) in the Wellness Center is completely overshadowed; there are four in the new weight room, as opposed to never having one at all in the old weight room.  There is one machine that the new weight room doesn’t have that the Wellness Center does, but it’s a small price to pay; the new weight room has a number of machines that have never seen the likes of the Wellness Center.

The top floor that I boasted of earlier contains cardio machines – your elliptical machines and your treadmills.  The nice thing therein is that each machine has its own individual television – wait for it – installed IN the machine itself.  The screen is above the control interface part of the machine, and you can plug not only your headphones in if you wish, but the University provided jacks (with attached power cords) for iPhones if you subscribe to the Apple brand and want to charge your device.

Overall, the new weight room is really fantastic.  Even if you were against it, there’s no denying that it is a vast improvement from the old weight room.

Article by Nick Knebel

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