Joe Biden stirs up support at Parkside

Vice President Joe Biden appeared at Parkside last Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. On his one day, two-stop tour of Wisconsin, he urged supporters to take the opportunity to vote early and rallied people in Wisconsin during the home stretch of what has shaped up to be a tight campaign race. Packed into the Student Activity Center gymnasium, Biden told 1,500 students and other supporters that, “We’re going to win Wisconsin.”

Biden praised President Barack Obama’s performance in the final Presidential debate against Republican opponent, Governor  Mitt Romney. “I didn’t know if Governor Romney was endorsing Barack or debating Barack,” Biden said. He referenced back to earlier in the campaign when Gov. Romney was shown in the media as a “flip-flopper,” frequently changing his position on key issues. Biden took it further by stating, “I didn’t recognize that guy but I was appreciative he endorsed everything we’ve done in American foreign policy.”

The Vice President even spent some time appealing to women voters by criticizing the GOP for its position on abortion and equal pay, confronting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s party for not being more aggressive in their criticism of Republican Senate candidates Richard Mourdock of Indiana and Todd Akin of Missouri for comments those candidates made on rape and abortion. “They can’t even get up the gumption to condemn the statements made by two of their candidates for U.S. Senate,” Biden said. During the summer, both Romney and Ryan asked that Akin step out of the Senatorial race in Missouri.

“Folks, there’s a lot at stake in this race,” said Biden, referring to Supreme Court appointments starting soon after the inauguration of the next president, along with issues on foreign policy.

“Now these guys are abandoning the central tenet of their party and their agenda,” Biden said about Republican plans for a tax cut. Citing the frequent change in position and lack of willful commitment Biden said, “The president has a new term for this condition, Romnesia. And guess what,” Biden added, “it’s contagious. All of a sudden Congressman Ryan has caught it.”

Sidestepping the political rib-jabbing, Biden called Paul Ryan, the congressman from Janesville, “a good guy,” who just has “different ideas than we do.”

Speaking about the economy and Republican plans for the White House Biden said, “And now, you hear Mitt Romney say he’ll protect jobs from outsourcing? I have a simple word for that: malarkey.” He said that, instead of signing a pledge to anti-tax champion Grover Norquist to help address their plans to attack the deficit, Republicans should “sign a pledge to the middle class.”

Biden then appealed directly to the students in the crowd, saying that education keeps America “the most progressive nation in the world,” and talked about Pell Grants that aid college students. He said the Republican economic model “seems, on its face, so unfair.” He added, “I do not recognize the country they’re talking about. America is better positioned than any nation in the world to lead the 21st Century.”

He asserted that Republicans had not acknowledged any gains that had been made in recent years. “Folks, America is not in decline. Romney and Ryan are in denial,” Biden said. “There is no quit in America, never has there been,” he said firmly to the crowd. “Where I come from, there is only one direction. Forward,” Biden said, taking up the motto of the president’s re-election campaign. “When we win Wisconsin, we win this election,” Biden said as he concluded the 31-minute speech and heard roars from the crowd.

Article by James T. Burns

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