Taking advantage of golden opportunities

On Friday, Oct. 12, the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Rangers men’s soccer team squared off against the University of Illinois-Springfield. The Rangers started off the game like bats out of hell. They swarmed around the goal, and there was nothing the UIS defense could do about it. UW- Parkside had two outstanding corner kicks within the first ten minutes. Unfortunately, neither attempt could be converted with a header.

The Rangers kept the ball moving with great cuts and timely passes. The Rangers were also doing a great job with communication on the field to help warn teammates when a UIS defender would approach a Ranger player from behind to try and steal the ball away. Somewhere in the middle of the first half, momentum changed to UIS. After the momentum shift, UIS became the aggressors on offense. The Rangers were in a constant back pedal on defense trying to defend the goal, with each team taking each other’s best shot. The first half ended zero-to-zero.

The second half is when the Rangers made their money. The first goal came when the Rangers were pushing the ball downfield on offense with little resistance from the UIS defense. The ball was passed from the middle to the right side of the field. As the ball was passed the UIS goalkeeper slipped and fell. This was a golden opportunity that the Rangers capitalized on.

Collin Monahan dropped a dime to Ryan Crane, who wound up and struck the ball so hard that I felt bad for the ball. This goal gave the momentum back to the Rangers. At this point there was no looking back for the Rangers, and the whole team had a renewed sense of self-confidence. The second goal was another golden opportunity offered up by the UIS goalkeeper. The Rangers were back on the attack and took a shot on goal that was saved by the UIS goalkeeper, but the UIS goalkeeper then dropped the ball when he was coming down. Collin Monahan was the recumbent of the gift given up by the UIS goalkeeper, and chipped in the ball for the goal.

It was an exciting match and a great win for the program with this 2-1 victory over University of Illinois-Springfield.

Article by Ryan Padlo

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