My First Time premieres at The Rhode Center this weekend

It’s opening weekend for My First Time at The Rhode Center for the Arts in Kenosha

Have you ever had an awkward sexual experience? Have you ever felt the need to share? Join the rowdy company of wildly, sex-crazed characters as they reflect upon their awkward first time sex experiences. These stories are both hysterically comedic and sorrowfully heartbreaking. Interestingly enough, these stories were written from true-to-life perspectives and collected from random individuals who have had encountered similar experiences.

Premiering at the Rhode Center for the Arts in Kenosha, My First Time contains a cast of four actors who will play multiple roles. These wild characters possess distinctly different characteristics, but share the commonality of undergoing awkward sex experiences.

“I remember my first sexual experience. I was alone at the time… I still have the Metallica shirt he wore that night…. File mine under clumsy and awkward…Was your first time awkward or ‘like Christmas morning… Were you with your high school sweetheart, or with your psychology professor…  Were you in Washington Square Park… or a Burger King bathroom…” as told by several characters in the play.

My First Time—recently featured on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and in an iPhone commercial–opens on Friday,27 April. The Performance dates are as follows: 27-28 April and 4, 5, 11, 12 of May. Tickets are $10 each, and can be purchased at the Rhode Center for the Arts Box office.

Intriguing still, the director of this production is Jason (Oliver) Johnson, a current UW-P student.

Come support his and the Rhode Center’s wonderfully contemporary work in the upcoming weeks! It is one first time experience you will not want to miss!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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