The Frame Work presents “Antigone”

Alumni from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside Theatre Arts Department bring a production to Parkside

Last weekend, a group of alumni revisited their Alma mater, bringing with them a tremendously authentic piece of theatre called Antigone.

Led by UW-P graduate, Dylan Roberts, the group of alumni performed in the new Black Box Space, and found it to be a wonderful space to work in. “Yeah, you guys are so lucky to have this amazing space as a part of your theatre. The acoustics were sort of rough, but overall, it offers such a welcoming playfulness,” says UW-P graduate Aaron Verbrigghe.

Antigone, written and adapted by Dylan Roberts, follows the original storyline of the hopeless daughter of Oedipus Rex. Caught in a world that loathes the very existence of women, Antigone must defy the laws of her uncle, Creon, the new king of Thebes, and fight against this discrimination to uphold the laws of heaven. Antigone, amongst other women including Ismene, considers this kind of society to be nothing more than a living hell.

UW-Parkside is proud to welcome back the following alumni: Amy Malcom (Antigone), Cathlyn Melvin (Ismene), Taylor Glowac (Creon), Sarah Mergener (Eurydice), Chad Bay (Haimon), Aaron Verbrigghe (The Guard), and Dylan Roberts ( adapter and director of Antigone)

Antigone is the first installment of a brand new theatre initiative for this group of alumni. Calling themselves The Frame Work, this proud theatre group is hoping to begin their very own theatre company, with Antigone being their very first production. Still in the development process, The Frame Work is a Chicago-based theatre initiative that strives to capture the words, the voices, and the action of the story within any given piece of theatre.

“We hope to build new, fresh, and provocative theatrical productions around these elements, and bring clarity to old stories and shed light on ones which have yet to be told.” says Co-Artistic Director Chad Bay.

 Antigone will be playing one more time here at Parkside this Saturday at 4:15 p.m. in the Black Box Theater.

Article by Bobby Johnson 

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