Bus Stop opens at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre!

Friday is the big day for UW-Parkside Theatre Students as William Inge’s Bus Stop opens at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre!

The final installment of the UW-Parkside 2011-2012 Theatre Arts season opens on Friday at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre. As a collaborative project between UW-Parkside and Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Bus Stop provokes much excitement in both Parkside and Milwaukee audiences.

“I am looking forward to this collaborative project with extreme excitement. In my years as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at UW-Parkside, and as a Board member at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, I have seen the work of both Parkside students and Chamber Actors. The caliber of work between the two facilities is incredible. I can only imagine what the ‘meeting of the minds’ will create in the final product!” says Mr. Donald Cress in a recent interview.

Student actors Brenna Kempf, Ethan Hall, and Annie Walaszeck, are ecstatic about opening this project to the public. “I am so excited to share the work we have done with audiences across the board. Despite the speedy rehearsal process, the value of the educational enrichment of this experience is unlike any other. I will remember this opportunity for the rest of my life!” says Brenna Kempf, who will be playing the role of Elma.

Joining the students on stage is UW-Parkside Professor Jamie Cheatham. Equally ecstatic, Cheatham is proud of the students’ work, and looks forward to a great opening on Friday.

Lisa Kornetsky, chairwoman of the Theatre Arts Department here at UW-Parkside, is serving as Director of Bus Stop.  With much excitement at her disposal, she cannot wait to open her project up to the public.

Come and support UW-Parkside Theatre, and theatre in general, as we open this grand project in Milwaukee. Ticket information can be acquired at the Fine Arts Box Office at UW-Parkside. Bus Stop is filled with laughter, drama, and a little bit of Shakespeare, for those who enjoy the classics. It is bound to provide its audiences with an enchanting night in the theatre!

Article by: Bobby Johnson

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