Watch out for that Bus!

UW-Parkside Theatre Department’s collaborative project with Milwaukee Chamber Theatre opens in one week!

Over the past couple weeks, UW-Parkside Theatre students have been ambitiously working towards the final product of William Inge’s Bus Stop. Enthusiastically working towards the finished product, Parkside students have been commuting back and forth between Kenosha and Milwaukee every night for the past couple weeks. Currently approaching its fourth week of rehearsal, Parkside and Chamber prepare to open this project on Friday, 13 April.

As a part of their collaborative series, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre chose UW-Parkside as an institution to partner with for the production of Bus Stop. Past institutions include Marquette University, in which they produced Lion in Winter,  and UW-Milwaukee, in which they produced Picnic, also by William Inge.

Student artist Brenna Kempf expresses her extreme excitement for the project: “I can’t believe we are already in our fourth week of rehearsal. We have been moving so fast throughout the process, or perhaps it seems that way because of how amazing the process has been!”

Brenna Kempf, a Theatre Arts student here at UW-Parkside, will be playing the innocent, yet curious Elma Duckworth, opposite of UW-Parkside Acting Professor, Jamie Cheatham, who is playing the role of Dr. Lyman.

“At first, it felt sort of weird working alongside my professor in this show, but now I feel completely comfortable in the role opposite Cheatham’s. I value this experience, as I realize it is a unique one!”

UW-Parkside will be offering students free transportation to and from the show on Friday, 13 April. For more information, please visit the Fine Arts Box Office in the RITA.

This will be an amazing opportunity to see what the Theatre Department at UW-Parkside is all about. This light comedy is filled with hilarious laughs and moments of revelation that will leave the audience talking about the show even after it is over. This is one opportunity that is not worth missing!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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