Graduate school fair comes to Parkside!

Graduate Schools line Main Place on Thursday Afternoon

UW-Parkside students crowded main place on Wednesday afternoon in hopes that graduate programs would be reaching out for students. Graduate programs from surrounding universities including Cardinal Stritch, Mt. Mary College, and Alverno College were in attendance this past Thursday, and were ecstatic to see such a grand student turnout. Representative Jennie Bradshaw from Cardinal Stritch says, “We are constantly looking for career driven students who wish to continue their studies in their desired career field.”

Students were excited to see several graduate programs of their choice at the fair. Organized by Advising and Career Center at UW-Parkside, this fair strives to make students aware of educational opportunities available after undergraduate study. UW-Parkside has been devoted to this cause for many years. Today, the university remains dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to explore career and educational opportunities after undergraduate study.

The Advising and Career Center at UW-Parkside offers a graduate program search service to UW-Parkside students.  Particular individuals who are certain they want to pursue graduate school as the next step after college are highly encouraged to visit the Career Center here on campus to explore this option further. They offer detailed analysis of what programs best fit the student and the student’s interests.

UW-Parkside will continue to host the annual Graduate School Fair for years to come.
“We bask in educational success here at The University of Wisconsin-Parkside, and want to ensure that our students are receiving the best connections and resources to the outside workplace” says Chancellor Ford as a part of her mission statement on her UW-Parkside web page.

Article by Bobby Johnson

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