Spotlight on Milwaukee Chamber Theatre ~ partner to UWP Theatre Arts Department’s upcoming production of Bus Stop

Our Spring Mainstage Production will be in collaboration with Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, a professional venue featuring several guest artists!

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, located in the third ward of the downtown Milwaukee area, dedicates its work to the enrichment of local talent and theatrical awareness in the Milwaukee Area.  As a result, in 2009, newly appointed artistic director, C. Michael Wright began a program where one show out of their season each year would be a collaboration with a neighboring University. He began this program with the intent of it being a three-year engagement, choosing three Universities to collaborate with. The three chosen Universities were Marquette University, UW-Milwaukee, and UW-Parkside.

This initiative was inaugurated in 2009 when MCT mounted William Inge’s Picnic in collaboration with UW-Milwaukee.  Last year, MCT’s production of Lion in Winter was a collaborative project with students and professional artists from Marquette University. This year, UW-Parkside has the pleasure of partnering with MCT in their production of Bus Stop by William Inge.

Director of this production, Lisa Kornetsky, speaks about the sheer delight of working with MCT on this project. “What is so great about this experience is that students will be able work with and build relationships with professionals in the field. Theatre is a collaborative art, and this engagement will serve as yet another example of how collaboration is a key element in the realm of theatre.”

MCT has the reputation of being one of the city’s oldest, professional theatre companies. The theatre was co-founded in 1975 by two local actors, Montgomery Davis and Ruth Schudson, who envisioned a space where audiences could open their minds to new theatrical ideas, and Milwaukee’s theatre professionals could broaden their skills and apply their craft. MCT has been a nomadic and thriving theatre company for over 18 years!

Proud of its opportunity to collaborate with such a strong theatre company in Milwaukee, UW-Parkside remains excited to begin this project, and contribute its talents to those of MCT!

Article by: Bobby Johnson

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