Watch out for that muddy hole!

The landscape at UW-Parkside is becoming muddier and muddier as spring approaches!

This winter, UW-Parkside’s terrain scarcely met with mounds and mounds of snow, as opposed to last winter when the University was forced to shut down due to layers of snow that covered the campus grounds. This year, however, was quite a treat. Over the span of four months, UW-Parkside experienced little snowfall, and little reason to fret over mounds of white powder to maneuver.

As the scarcely remaining snow begins to melt, UW-Parkside students are beginning to notice the sloppy work Campus Snow Plowers. Students are not only seeing the sloppy work, but are stepping in it, as well. The muddy ditches left behind by the plowers’ undirected work are frequently found around campus, leaving students very disconcerted, and some students very angry.

UW-Parkside Student Eric Hartman explains the reasoning behind the sloppy work of the plowmen, “The reason the plowmen are widening their paths, and going onto the lawn areas of the campus, is because there aren’t any stakes planted anywhere to guide the plowmen on their paths. Blue reflectors aren’t even planted on the edges of the lawns, which are usually put on the sides of the road so plowers know where their designated paths are. Because plowers divert from their concrete paths, which, to me, seems like a whole foot sometimes, they end up scalping the lawn. This unfortunately creates those muddy ditches on the corners of the lawns that everyone steps in.”

By the end of April and beginning of May, UW-Parkside is looking pretty beautiful, especially with its newly sprouted grass, and blossoming trees. Let’s hope that Mother Nature can rejuvenate herself, and cover these muddy areas with fresh grass for the Spring. We’ll have to leave it up to the custodian, otherwise. In the meantime, watch out for that muddy ditch!

Article by: Bobby Johnson

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