Come one, come all to Worldfest 2012 at UW-Parkside!

UW-Parkside celebrates another Worldfest celebration, promoting diversity and unity on campus!

As a campus that celebrates diversity and unity amongst its students, we are proud to celebrate another week of Worldfest! A week-long engagement, Worldfest, brings new, exciting events to the campus that helps to celebrate the world’s nations and ethnic qualities.

As mentioned in an article by campus author, Kelsey Hoff, “This is one of UW-Parkside’s many opportunities for cultural awareness and interaction for everyone on campus and in the community.”

The celebration begins with a flag ceremony featuring the Aztec fire dancing group Omeyocan. Students from all around the campus are encouraged to participate in this worldly event, as students are the ones carrying the flags during this all-campus march. This particular event will kick-off in main place at 11AM on 26 March and end in the Student Center.

Other events that will be occurring include “Weddings Around the World,” which showcases marriage traditions from the Italian, Hmong, Ethiopian cultures; a showing of the Marx Brothers classic comedy, “Duck Soup;” a discussion about the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, led by History Professor Jeffrey Alexander; The World Bazaar, a fair of merchants selling goods from different countries; dance workshops; a foreign film series unique to the Worldfest event; and lectures from various professors on worldly issues several days throughout the week. For example, Economics Professor Farida Khan lectures on “Urbanization in Developing Countries” on 29 March at 12:30PM in the Oak Room. On 29 March, as well, students can stop at Brickstone Eatery, which will be catering different delicacies from Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, from 11AM to 2PM.

The final and most popular festival event each year is the World Cuisine Dinner, which will be much anticipated this year. The main event showcases the rich global culture and talent of the campus and community, and features a delightful evening of entertainment and dining pleasures.

During the World Cuisine Dinner, enjoy performances by the Extra Crispy Brass Band, the Garlic Mustard Pickers, the Mahone Middle School Bonsai Society, Tarantella Dance, and Greek Dance. Student Performances include performances from various clubs and organizations on campus such as the Chaos Dance Club and UW-Parkside Gospel Choir. This event helps to unify the campus and solidify student and staff relations. Aside from promoting diversity on campus, this event helps to build a substantial connection between student and staff affairs. For more information on this event, please visit the campus community calendar on the UW-Parkside Website, or contact the student concierge desk for ticket information.

Article by Bobby Johnson

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