As spring break approaches, students are loud and proud about their vacationing destinations!

Students all over campus are eagerly and vigorously awaiting their much anticipated time off for the semester.

With Spring Break right around corner, students are gearing up to enjoy their time off.  From word of mouth, the majority of students on campus seem to be relocating for the spring break, whether it is going home to mom and dad, or traveling across states, or even countries, to enjoy a change of scenery.  This seems to be the glory of time off: the ability to travel!

In addition to taking time off, word of mouth has also produced the notion that students will use this time to catch up on work, or proceed ahead to future work. Now that sounds like a dedicated college student; not a true college student, but a dedicated one.

What seems to be the reason for the need to suddenly escape? Students have said that this semester has been unlike any other, as far as the work-load, and class expectancy is concerned. Using the Theatre Department as an example, Professor Lisa Kornetsky recently said in an All-Company Meeting, “This semester has been tough, we know. We have a smaller department this year, than last year, and have a lot of work that needs to be done this semester. Right now, we are gearing up for Bus Stop [the off campus collaboration with Milwaukee Chamber Theatre] and will need more hands on deck in the upcoming weeks. But we, as a faculty, completely understand the work-load you’ve been experiencing, and can say that it is partially due to all of the brand new attributes of the department, including the functioning of the new spaces.”

In any case, students were inspired by Kornetsky’s speech, and will most likely return with rousing spirits and motivation to get through the Bus Stop project.

Next week will be one to remember for many students, but most definitely one to enjoy by all students. The time for cheer is now, for Spring Break is just around the corner!

Article by Bobby Johnson

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