Students to the rescue!

A few nights ago, curious students attend  PSG meeting in hopes they would receive answers for the steep budget cuts to various SUFAC funded departments On-Campus

 Interesting, yet enthralling was the experience in attending the recent PSG meeting, which revolved around the steep budget cuts from various departments. Three departments/programs of target in particular, Theatre, Music, and OMSA, held steadfast and determined to receive answers for such cuts. Over fifty representatives from each department filled the Walnut room in the Student Center on Tuesday, February 28, hoping to grasp onto firm, solid answers as to why these particular departments were targeted.

In solidarity, representatives spoke out, inquiring about certain legalities and bylaws that forced SUFAC to halt their funding of these various departments. Questions ran high, but answers remained inconclusive and indirect. While the quality of  each question was thorough, technically formatted, and articulate, the answers from PSG remained repetitive, dysfunctional, and inconclusive. In most cases, representative questions resulted in answers that lacked concrete efficiency, but instead pointed fingers at the Board of Regents.

The meeting lasted about two and a half hours, as it began at 9:00 pm and finished at 11:02 pm. The entirety of the meeting was an Open Forum, versus an actual meeting where delegations, discussions, and voting occurs, none of which occurred during this gathering.

PSG Vice President Dana Calamia gave words of encouragement, during the Open Forum, as she listed off reasons and legalities as to why and how SUFAC funding of these departments should, and can, remain intact. “I have spoken with the Board of Regents, and have confirmed these details that I’ve listed to be true. Theatre, for instance, needs to pay royalties for their productions here on campus. These costs can get pretty expensive. I mean, do you really want four Shakespeare productions every year?”

Overall, the senators seemed to be proud of the student turnout, and hope students will continue to attend PSG meetings so that their voices can be heard. Students represented their departments well, despite the observable and evident frustration present in the room during the Open Forum. This event shows how proud students are to be where they are, and what success they want to accomplish within their particular programs.

Article by Bobby Johnson

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