Parkside and the global picture

Globalization is the ticket to success in the modern business world. International business trends show that China is an investor’s dream. According to the United Kingdom’s The Guardian, head of macroeconomics  at PricewaterhouseCoopers, John Hawksworth, predicted that China would economically be “way ahead of the US by 2030” with an average economic growth consecutively being over 8% during these recession years, peaking at 10.2% in 2010. With this expanding economy, the United States is thinking ahead to international business agreements and foreign investments.

The Business and Technology Department at University of Wisconsin Parkside cannot help but notice this economic opportunity that could arise from international student education opportunities. “Business is not just local, it’s not just national, it’s global and the education we’re providing our students also needs to be global,” Dean Fred Ebeid recently noted at a SBT meeting. “Our eyes have been opened to the world and we have moved to significantly increase foreign enrollment.”

Efforts for foreign education incentives have been spearheaded by the Global Education Board. Its director, Jamie Wang and the university’s chancellor, Debbie Ford, have made multiple trips to China and plan on finalizing negotiations for partnership programs for Parkside’s students this fall.

With such incentives becoming offered in the near future, it is exciting to see that Parkside is now offering a 3-credit (2-credit for MBA students) China study tour in the summer of 2012 from May 15 to May 31 as a stepping stone to future study partnerships. Students on this summer tour will visit three cities (Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong), visit cultural and tourist attractions (such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City), become immersed in the Chinese language and culture, as well as attend lectures on Chinese trade and commerce with its government.

The cost of the study tour is $2,995 which includes international and domestic airfare, hotels, ground transportation, tickets to all cultural sites, and most meals. Financial aid is available for those who qualify with a $1,500 study tour grant which will reduce cost to $1,495. Only five spots are left available and whoever is interested should contact the International Studies Office at GRNQ 210 for the deposit or email Dr. Wang with any questions at Deadlines are 1, Feb, 2012.

International student involvement is an amazing opportunity for Parkside’s learning environment. With the advancement of the upcoming Chinese partnership, International business and relations will potentially influence future partnerships around the world, putting the University of Parkside in the global arena.

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